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  • Create a Customized Design
  • Modern platform
  • Free consulting
  • Unic Logo
  • Administration Panel
  • Unlimited number of pages
  • Multi language
  • Contact Form
  • Technical Support (2 months)
  • Increase Sales. Trips and Tricks
SEO optimization platform
Hosting your website for the first 2 months
Populating of the website contain (text and pictures),
Configuration (email, Facebook, Google Analytics, G+)

Online Presence is vital for any business that wants to grow in a short period of time and be competitive in the online environment. A website presentation is one way that you can be closer to clients, just a click away. Here, existing and potential clients can find information about your company and about the products and services that you offer. A presentation website is the most inexpensive method of marketing that exist today and for which you will only pay once. Website designing has a great visual impact for visitors, the first impression about the company matters. An attractive and well-organized content can influence the credibility and the perception of the consumers have towards your company. The image of your company is essential, it can attract clients or on contrary, he may turn them to the competition. Advantages of a presentation site:

  • It’s like an online card that attracts new clients;
  • the offer of your company is continuous available for clients, 24 hours from 24;
  • you can address both national and international market (the site may be available in several languages​​);
  • online advertising costs are much lower than other forms of advertising;
  • low cost of implementation and maintenance (can be limited to the hosting server);
  • ease of updating information and data from the site (due to performance management platform);
  • an easy way to be contacted on order form / contact, email, phone or directly through the site.

Our team creates good quality web-sites with a performant management system, wich allows you to modify every aspect of it. The system supports articles, comments and discussions with visitors, uploading pictures, modules facebook, twitter and more. Another aspect that you should take it into account from the very beginning is Online Promotion of your website. It is very important to be where customers seek products and services that you offer. In other words, a web site presentation and promotion plan that is fine-tuned will be your key to business success. If you are interested in Marketing Online or packages of SEO Optimisation, please visit the dedicated page of our website. Order now a Presentation Website for your business!

Our experience

Programming and Web Design

Over 5 years of experience;

More than 400 websites made;

E-commerce applications and performant CMS;

Using the latest technologies in programming;

Smartphone applications and much more.

SEO Optimization

Over 300 keywords on Google's first page;

Over 1000 blogs, Facebook pages, websites, etc. on our own network;

The latest SEO promoting techniques;

Considerable results;

Maximum of transparency;

Daily reports.


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